When Harald Spengler alias Lee Tarot, founder and mastermind of the southern German cult metal band Stormwitch, died much too early in 2013, his longtime musical companions, including Stefan Kauffmann and Peter Langer, decided to finish and publish the songs they had written together before his death. The debut album “Tarot’s Legacy”, released on Walpurgis Night 2015, drew the attention of hard and heavy fans at home and abroad

In 2017, Witchbound opened a new chapter with power shoutgirl Natalie Pereira Dos Santos and bassist Frank Bittermann.

After the tragic loss of lead guitarist Martin Winkler, Witchbound had to reform again in 2019. Despite all blows of fate, the witch ship takes full drive again with second lead singer Tobi Schwenk and string wizard Julian Steiner on board. The second album should be released in spring 2021 and presented live. Witchbound combines the proven musical roots of Stormwitch with fresh ideas and thus creates a varied sound that impresses with its high level of songwriting.